Friday, January 7, 2011

Bar stools make me giggle?

My brother is about to finish up his upstairs bar room and I was looking at getting him some bar stools.  I came across these and had a little laugh to myself!  How funny is that?!?


  1. that is funny! did you purchase them for him? Welcome to Tootsie Time...I noticed you in my followers...and I am so glad you are there! I hope to visit your blog often...I have enjoyed my visit so far!!! Have a great week!

  2. LOL! No I didn't... I love them, but they may be a little too over the top for his taste!

  3. Sweet I want to see before and after. You don't look overweight at all.

  4. My mission is not so much about weight loss, but more for getting the practice in with the hoop and toning my body. I did a post about it so you can see a little more of my intentions :) The picture I posted with it is from last Spring, but I will tell you that over the summer I put on a little more weight than what I was carrying there; right at 20 pounds total. I have lost 12 of those just hooping a couple times a week!!


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