Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back from Vacation and Unscathed by the storm!

Since I don't have a whole lot going on in the crafting sector right now (at least that I can talk about) I'm going to take you on a little tour of our vacation! I'm going to do this in segments since I have a crap ton of pictures and learned a lot of interesting things while there! Enjoy!

We made it to Puerto Rico on Saturday, August 15 just as I was starting to get sick! Don't worry, I doped myself up with Vitamin C and was able to head it off pretty well (Emergen-C is a wonderful thing to keep on hand!). The main thing we were worried about was if we would have to come home early because of the storm headed our way. The first couple of nights were spend on the far East coast of Puerto Rico in Fajardo... right where that storm was headed! Luckily for us it took a turn and headed farther North than expected! It actually only rained on us one day the entire week!

So... on to the lovely pictures!! I have a copy of our friends pictures and will hopefully remember to bring them in with me- she's got a lovely camera ;)

This was the hubb's first time flying and he was just a bit nervous! I was a bit congested and looking like poo. I can't tell you how afraid I was that someone would think I had the dreaded swine flu and tell me I couldn't get on that flight!! I had it all worked out, though, and decided I would suffocate before I started hacking and coughing in the airport or on that plane!

These are the coffee-holic friends we went with Chelsea and Kevin. You know how you get tired of being around some people within a day or so? Not these two! They're such sweeties. Jami and Kevin have been friends since the womb and he's the guy that married us!

And here's little Lyle all ready and anxious to go. He was super stoked about getting to go to an island! This was just before taking off at the Atlanta Airport which, by the way, is the busiest airport in the world!

As we started getting over the Atlantic Ocean, my dear husband started freaking (only minor). I think the realization that we were not only in the air, but out in the middle of the ocean, got to him just a little!

So here's the fix- an ice cold Heineken in his very own coozie!

Once we landed, got our luggage and the car it was time to get some grub! I had read about the food in Puerto Rico and about the many food stand along the roads, but I was truely blown away at the number of them! They are literally on every corner and every where in between. The majority of them are nothing more than what you would see at a BBQ cookoff! Something like this (note: this is just a reference picture found by a google search) They would have their trucks backed up to the tent to sit on and the open grill cooking anything from pinchos (kabobs) to lechón asado (whole pigs on a rotisserie). The other half is tiny outdoor resuarants with minimal seating. This type of roadside food was the first thing we tried. Just East of San Juan we stopped at Fat Boys, where we plunged into the Puerto Rican culture. As we walked up Fat Boy and both of his parents were sitting on the patio deep in conversation. As soon as they saw they had customers they all stood, smiling ear to ear. I have never felt so welcomed into a place before! His parents spoke very, very little broken English and he had about as much knowledge of English as I do Spanish. We managed to communicate very well despite the language barrier. He was extrememly patient and friendly with us as we asked 21 questions about everything on the small menu. He even gave us samples of several things so we would know better about what we were ordering (which, apparently, is a very common thing down there!).
If only I could remember the names of the food we ate there!! We all had tostones (plantains deep fried, then mashed, then deep fried again- they use these as we do french fries) as a side with our meals. Kevin and I had pork tenderloin seasoned with something amazing (he wouldn't give his secret away to my little grill master), Jami had pork sausage, and Chelsea had some sort of steak. We all sampled each others plates and agreed that this was a meal fit for royalty!

Starting at the center, clockwise: mine, Chealsea's, Kevin's and Jami's.

It's also strange is that the canned drinks only come in 10 oz cans instead of the 12 oz I'm used to!

More to come in the next installment!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 years and counting! Ah, wedded bliss!

So, seeing as how this is a wonderful day for me and I'm stuck at work for it, I figured I'd write a mushy little entry! The hubbs and I have been married for 3 years as of today... and we haven't killed each other yet! Ha!

Let me give you a piece of history of us.... way back when (I was in 7th grade and he was in 9th) he was my little sweetheart. We were "going together" through Christmas time and he gave me a sweet little locket in which he put the cutest little picture of himself! In return I gave him a necklace with an eagle (well get back to this later). Anyhoot, like most young puppy loves, we eventually broke up, but I still watched for him around campus and in the halls... just pining away! I eventually moved back to my hometown (which really, wasn't a move at all... 20 miles) and lost all contact with him. Several years later I ran into his sister at her work and we chatted a bit. "See that girl over there?" she said. "That's Jami's fiance." AH! My poor little heart was just as broken as if she had said that the day after we broke up!! Oh, well, it was just a little kiddie crush.

One day I was cleaning up my junk and came across that little locket. I opened it and stared at the little picture for a while. Then I remembered his sister telling me he was engaged to be married. I threw the locket away. Now here's the killer. One month later- I shit you not, one month- I saw him at a bar in town. I was standing in the ever long line to the ladies room and out he walked from the men's room. He looked right at me.
"Jami.... is that you??"
"Yea, Jenna???"
"Aren't you married?" I wanted to go ahead and get this question RIGHT out of the way!!
"Nope!" ALLLLLRIGHT!!!!!!!! I'm sure he could see the excitement in my eyes! He was even better looking than I had remembered! Those bright blue eyes, that yummy tan skin. Oh, I could eat him up! As for that engagement... she apparently had some super snakes and he had broken up with her shortly after I had talked with his sister.

Sooo.... he said to find him when I came back out and that I did! I grabbed another drink and went on the prowl. We hung out the entire rest of the night, and he took me home. I *accidentally* left my hat in the backseat of his car so that he would have to call me the next day to get it. ;) We've been inseparable ever since!!!

Oh, and that necklace I gave him... his mom found it a few just a few weeks ago and it's hanging from our truck's rear view mirror. We car pool with it everyday! Man I love that guy.

And just to make this a wee more mushy, here's a picture from the best day of our lives!!

We'll be leaving for a week vacation this Friday. Kind of a mix between an anniversary vacation and a couples vacation! See that guy behind us in the picture? That's Jami's best friend who married us (no, he's no preacher of any sort!) and who we're going on vacation with! Many, many pictures to come!