Thursday, January 20, 2011

30/30 Hooping, Week 1 Wrap Up

I've been doing amazingly well at this challenge so far!  I'm keeping a little journal of my progress and the amount of time that I'm spending hooping.  Here's what I've got for the first week:

Day 1, Saturday 1/8/11
  Hooped with Megan and Lazer Friday night into Saturday morning, focusing mostly on isolation's and vertical waist hooping, for 2 1/2 hours.  Did sporadic hooping Saturday afternoon adding up to 35 minutes.

Day 2, Sunday 1/9/11
  So very sore from the Friday night/Saturday morning session that I had to again break it down into 5 minute intervals.  Just barely made it to 30 minutes!

Day 3, Monday 1/10/11
  Hooped 40 minutes solid, mixing it up.  Tried the one leg hooping... definitely need to practice that a lot more!  Got me a little scrape on the leg from it  :)  Jami played Telepath's 30 Minute Mix for me.  I think it may be the best song to do a 30 minute hoop jam to!

Day 4, Tuesday 1/11/11
  Focused solely on my arms for a solid 30 minutes.  Getting better at isolations! My muscles are starting to handle the cat eye, but it's going to take a hell of a lot of practice to get good at them.

Day 5, Wednesday 1/12/11
  Hooped for about 40 minutes, only waist hooping the "wrong way" (meaning the hoop is going counter-clockwise instead of my natural clockwise.  I am the only hooper that I personally know who spins it this direction!)  I remember now how hard it was to keep the hoop up and going in the beginning!!  I think I'm going to have a shiny new bruise on the ole hip bone.

Day 6, Thursday 1/13/11
  Free styled for somewhere around 1 hour and 45 minutes!!  It's definitely getting easier to hoop for such a long time, but I am taking short 1-2 minute breaks when I need liquids or the potty  :)  Left hip does have a nice bruise from yesterday.  I feel like a newbie again!  LOL!

Day 7, Friday 1/14/11
  *I waited too long to write this day down and now I don't remember exactly what all I did!*
Hooped for 30 minutes.  Did a lot of hip hooping the "wrong way" and free styled.

Total: 460 minutes baby! Of course that does included the 2 1/2 hours from late Friday into the wee hours of Saturday :-P  but I'm counting those too dad gum it!

About three months ago I weighed in at 132 lbs.  With only sporadic hooping, I went down to 120 before starting this challenge.  Keep in mind that I just barely hit the 5' mark so I'm not scrawny by any means!  I haven't weighed myself since (I don't own a scale ;-) ), nor have I measured any inches, but I can definitely tell that my body is already toning up and, really, that's all that matters!

  I did keep up with this challenge all the way up to the 3rd week of it!  After that third week rolled around, though, life kicked in with a glorious bang!  Our afternoons and weekends were filled with preperations for an event we were hosting in one of our back fields on February 12th, Love Fest!  I had no idea how much work goes into something like that.  We ended up with two DJ's, two acoustic sets, and 5 bands playing!!  So, although I wasn't able to get in a full 30 minutes of hooping everyday, my hoop didn't got without at least getting picked up for 5 or so minutes for a little stress relief    :)   I did learn that 30 minutes of hooping every day is not quite as feasable as I had thought it would be and to not beat myself up when I go for a few days without even looking at a hoop!  It was fun and I will probably try it again when Winter rolls around, but I need to take it one day at a time first!


  1. Wow, that's awesome! I should probably learn how to keep a hoop up at some point because this sounds like a lot more fun then cardio routines. Ick.

  2. It IS a hell of a lot more fun that any excersize.... ever!! Once you get the hang of keeping it around your waist, the rest is so unbelievebly simple!

  3. WOW! You've inspired me... Currently zumba is my great joy - love getting those hips moving. So it seems like I would really enjoy hooping! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Happy day and happy hooping to you.


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