Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mae Bell's a mama!

This is the sight I came home to yesterday afternoon
Mama banty

At least one duckling made it out!  I took a closer look, gently lifting her up to see what she was hiding...

There's 5 under there!
and another little head poked out!

I couldn't lift her up well enough to do a head count, but I could see shell under her (just to the right of the ducklings).  I started to pull out the spent shells and after getting four out, my finger touched one still whole, but with a little break in it.  I gently pulled it out from under her and could feel the little thing moving around in the egg!  It was just starting to hatch and had the tiniest of hole it was pecking at.  I laid it back beside Mama and she scooped it right back under her.  I checked this morning and it was out, being cuddled.  The Littlest Hen hatched all five of her eggs on her first try!  We're both proud mama's!  :)

Mama Chicken to Baby Ducks
It won't be long before they're bigger than her!

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  1. That is so cute! I know there are cross adoptions sometimes, but have never actually seen photos like this.

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