Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Broody Banty

Sitting on duck eggs!

Broodie Banty sitting on duck eggs  :)
My sweet Bantam Speckled Sussex, Mae Bell, went broody last month.  Instead of letting her sit on her own eggs which are fertilized by my not so attractive Bantam Cornish Roo, I stuck some of my Indian Runner eggs under her in hopes they would hatch.  Won't that be so cute, little ducks who'll be almost as big as Mama when they hatch?!

Below is a picture of the Mamas and the Papas....
Indian Runner Ducks
The boys are on either end with the girls in the middle. I have a set of three with crests and three without.  Mae Bell is sitting on five eggs, so there's no telling what I'll come out with! 

I put them under her on March 15.  They started pipping this morning!

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