Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Chickens!!

A couple of weeks ago, Jami had to stay home from work due to a bad case of poison ivy all over his hands (it would later spread to almost every inch of his body).  He and I carpool to work everyday and he's the type that as soon as we get off he doesn't want to do anything but head straight for the house.  We were getting low on pup food, so I took the opportunity to run across town to Tractor Supply and pick some up.  Of course, it was right in the middle of their Chick Days and they had just gotten a shipment in that morning.  I puttered over to the bins and laid eyes on 8 adorable little bantam chickens!  I didn't go there expecting to come home with chickens.  Really, I didn't, but I already had my brooder set up and there were only the eight left in the bin, so in my cart they went!

Aren't they just the cutest?!
Picture 055
The black one in the top left corner and the two blond chickens have feathered feet.  My gut tells me the blonds are Buff Cochins and the other may be a Silver or Golden Laced Cochin.  One of the chipmunk looking biddies has greenish feet and legs so I'm thinking an Americauna.  Really, I have no idea what kinds they are!  They're almost 4 weeks now and are getting a lot of feathers in, so soon I'll post a picture at Back Yard Chickens to get some help identifying them.  Of course I'll post a picture and my findings here, too!

In March, I placed and order for Buckeye and Delaware chickens, but their hatch date isn't until June 1.  I picked the Buckeyes and let my niece choose a breed for her to raise.  I'm super pleased with her choice as these will both be suitable for eggs and meat.  I'm still unsure of my capabilities to cull a chicken that I've raised from a baby, though I am certain I can clean it once the deed has been done.  Jami and I have an agreement.... he does the dirty work and I'll do the rest.  Sounds pretty good to me! 

The coop is almost completed and I cannot wait to show it to you!  The only things we've had to purchase for it is a couple of boxes of nails and some wire.  It's definitely not the prettiest thing, but I'm betting my chickens will think it's the most magnificent home ever!

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