Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I've been up to

I've made several things lately, but for some reason just haven't taken the time to share! All of these things are/were for swaps.
Oh and Smittenheart... if you're looking at this CLOSE THIS SCREEN NOW!!!! :)

This scarf is made with cotton music note fabric and corduroy. I was an angel in a swap for a girl that lives in Nova Scotia. It's not warm enough for her to wear now, but I think it will be a nice accessory in the cooler Spring months. It's about 6' long! I also made her a tie-dye polymer clay incense holder and an ocean themed bookmark, but I can't find those pictures! Oh, and that's neighbor Ted, my model! LOL!

I'm also just finishing up a Frugal Living Swap over at Craftster. I've sent, but my partner hasn't received so I hope this doesn't spoil it for her!! Not only are most people trying to be frugal, but also going a bit "green" in the process. It's funny how those two are so intertwined! These are some washable paper towels, rags or can even be used as place mats. There's four of them, 12x12 each.

I also made 16 (I think that was the final count!) washable napkins. My partner has two young boys and I thought they would like the bright colors and fun veggies on these! Along with the napkins is a matching picnic blanket inspired by a post at Sew Mama Sew! The pockets I'm holding out are for small rocks (or something with a little weight) to keep the blanket from flying up in the breeze. I have no idea just how big it is... I think I used a yard and a half of the fabric.

I also decided to make her an apron to inspire home cooked meals! In a house full of boys, pink is a welcome break, so I took that and ran with it. I had a pattern from Vanilla House Designs that I had never attempted and thought this the best opportunity. It's their Friday Night Apron, modeled by my co-worker (and yes, this picture has made it to more places than just here!!)

I sure hope it fits her better than it does him!! LMAO!!

Somehow I missed turning this picture around, but it at least shows the detail of the pretty, pretty fabric. The colors are much truer than in the first picture.

I was also in a bookmark swap, but I don't have pictures of the metal or cross stitch bookmarks that I made. This is the one I got in return!
This is the photo of my little puppy that my partner used for inspiration. Doesn't it look just like her?!

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