Thursday, June 18, 2009

Been Busy!

Lyle and I finished making the jelly last week and it turned out better than I could have imagined!! I managed to delete the the pictures off of my camera before I put them on my work computer, so I don't have a pic of the finished product! Believe me, though.... it's beautiful!

Jami, me and Cooter went riding around this weekend and I showed him the Old Jail in Jasper.

He had no idea it was even there, much less that they still have the noose hanging in the window! This is the top window of the building. I imagine they would let the town watch as the criminal was punished.

As for Lyle's adventures this week, we took him riding on the 4-wheeler. I think he really enjoyed that!

Lyle also discovered a funky vine flower on the fence row- a passion flower. He wanted to get close to see all the neat little layers of it.

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